translated from Spanish: Convenience stores, hardest hit by assaults in Culiacán: Municipal Police

Sinaloa.- Last August, Culiacán at the state level was among the municipalities with the highest rise in terms of theft of commercial premises open to the public, so the head of the Municipal Police accepted these negative results and stressed that these are mainly being carried out in convenience stores, but that these are small amounts that are carried out by criminals.» We definitely had an uptick in the theft of commercial premises in August,» said Oscar Guinto Marmolejo, head of the Secretariat of Public Security and Municipal Transit (SSPyTM), so he reiterated that all authorities committed to the safety of the Culiacans are working.
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It considered that mainly the uptick has been affecting convenience stores, which are open to the public 24 hours a day, without so far locating a specific area, as the alleged assailants move throughout the city of Culiacán.

He highlighted that the situation becomes a little atypical, because now thefts are sometimes of items or too small amounts, although in the end it is an affect to the business. The high command added that they are in contact with the employers so that they in turn are on the slope or their workers, so that in the face of any situation that may arise from a criminal situation immediately be informed at 9-1-1. When questioned by the Secretary of Public Security and Municipal Transit (SSPyTM) about the possibility of a specific band that is generating these problems, he considered that there is no such thing, as sometimes these people take the items that are at hand, and withdraw from the place. In addition, he noted that for the time being the heists have been reported on time: «We have a good relationship with the establishments,» he said. Finally, Oscar Guinto Marmolejo said that when employees observe a person in suspicious attitude, they proceed to report it.

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