translated from Spanish: They found her stealing tuna and she got angry: «I don’t come to this place anymore.»

As a product of outrage and the comic about the matter, a video went viral early Saturday where a woman is seen being delayed by supermarket employees. As soon as the video begins, you can see how he throws cans of tuna that he had hidden inside his clothes as a man yells, «Take off your beard!» When she finishes throwing a huge amount of cans to the ground, the woman comes to leave saying, indignantly, «I don’t come to this place anymore.» However, the person who records the video prevents him from passing.

When she is intercepted again, she is asked to show other things she had, but she replies that she had bought them with her silver. Realizing that what she was saying was true, the employees let her go, though always insisting that she take off her beard so that she can film her face.As she refuses, the one who films stretches out her hand to lower her and the woman, skiing him, yells at her, «You touch me and I report you for gender-based violence.» To which, the employee replies, as she leaves: «And you are stealing, filthy. Tomatelá.» Before it’s over, focus on the remains left by the lady and comment, «Look at everything she took out.»
Unsurprisingly, the video became a trend on Twitter and provoked a huge wave of comments against what happened.» It’s very sad, you have to go de more thoroughly, I think if you get to that point of going out to steal cans of food everything must be very bad,» a user said with concern.

Original source in Spanish

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