translated from Spanish: Viral Challenge: Find the 5 animals in the pond; almost no one makes it

Mexico City.- A viral challenge has taken control of social media, it is about being able to find the 5 animals hidden in the pond, however this very few challenge succeed, TRY!. Just as you read it, this fun challenge you met in measuring your ability to find the animals in the park, which are hidden between plants.
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It should be noted that this fun challenge was designed by the design team of Televisa News, however on social networks it has become a BUM!.


Were you able to find all 5 animals? As a clue we will tell you which animals to locate:
2 dragonflies
2 frogs
1 fish

If you’ve come this far, you probably haven’t met the challenge, don’t feel bad, as a lot of users have failed just like you, on the other hand, if thanks to your great skills you were able to find the 5 animals in the pond, you should be proud because it’s something they’ve achieved little. Don’t take your sleep away tonight, here we’ll show you the answer to the challenge.


For the next one remember to pay attention to all the details, check the corners, and are on the slope of any track. Now that you know the answer, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends, with which you will surely have a great time of laughter, especially in these moments that are so needed by the prolonged confinement.

Original source in Spanish

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