translated from Spanish: Coca Guazzini: “We are experiencing strange but also new moments”

If actress Coca Guazzini had to describe what her work is like during times in pandemic, I’d probably say it’s a strange challenge. The artist who gave life to Elena Vergara in “Aquelarre” has returned to the recordings of “La Torre de Mabel” as Mercedes Walker and also prepares for the streaming premiere of “The Days I Loved You”, a work directed by Natalia Grez, where she is Laura, a 65-year-old woman who lives a catharsis about what may or may not be her life. Through the Teatro Nescafé Online cycle, the piece will be broadcast from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th September. Laura looks like a woman who lives in the “what would have happened if…” Of course, the point where his memories take you is “what would have happened if…”. The work is very delicate, very intimate, loving, quiet. In those memories she goes through her story and mainly comes to a very important love that she had, and from the choice she made at the time she meets the woman she is today.Is it very strange to participate in a work that is done via streaming? We’re all living super strange moments, but this is also something new and we’re attracted to the new. The play is as intimate and as a small theatrical piece can, fits as this look of being via streaming, half stage, half audiovisual, and well, we’re going to dare and launch ourselves.What would be the difference between a recorded play and a television series? They have nothing to do with it. The theater has a public, and the theater here, now, is also theater because it’s made on a stage. The TV series is a recording that is not there, which will be made later. This is like with the audience there, but it’s not. Yes, it’s hard, no doubt. But well, we have to overcome all the difficulties that are posing to us in lifeThinking The Tower of Mabel, was the cessation of recordings very sudden? yes, right. I mean, we started recording from December to the first few days March, when we already had to stop. It was times when there was a lot of fear, a lot of uncertainty, what’s it like to record the series with all the protocols? It’s a lot more complicated. In that sense I admire our whole team very much because they have to be with these mamelucos, with these masks and micas all day. And yet they have that positive attitude that also creates a very good atmosphere, but it’s re-tiring, is it nice to come back? Of course. Now it’s all very rare, we’re going to change our personality, because we’re so good at hugging each other, to kiss us and now it’s all with a distant “hello,” but of course we love to meet again. It’s actually been intense but rich, what’s Mercedes Walker up against? She faces being collapsed by this place where she lives without understanding anything. She has no financial problems but does have several emotional problems: her son is separated, and with that this family begins to collapse that she believed had everything in her hands. Secrets begin to appear and their horizons also begin to widen because their former mother-in-law is going to live in a tower in the Alameda. Then he starts living with these two worlds.

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