translated from Spanish: Sofia Zamolo and a questioned Baby Shower

Sofia Zamolo is transiting the 34th week of pregnancy so despite the typical discomfort of the last weeks, it is also where the welcome of the baby, called “Baby Shower”, is usually celebrated. That’s why the model didn’t hesitate to upload to her instagram to share with her followers that special moment in mom and baby’s life. The problem arose when the followers blamed him for not complying with the quarantine that is still in force, according to the last government provision until October 11, which prevents the possibility of meeting in a house with family and friends. As he uploaded the photo, the followers expressed his discontent and also his concern at exposing himself with the baby to a social gathering, having a global pandemic, which has claimed so many lives. “My friends told me ‘I came for tea’ and I came across all this,” Sofia said on Instagram. 

But following the comments she received that called her irresponsible, the mother-to-be decided to delete the photos. It also eliminated all hurtful comments and also eliminated the possibility that anyone could rewrite on that post.

To try to stop the comments of critics, she modified the text that accompanied the original photo arguing her action. “First of all I notice that my two friends in the photo swaped 2 times before seeing me. And my sister as much as I don’t go out or see anyone,” said the picture foot that lasted barely minutes because the model regretted it. The first text said that her friends had organized a surprise Baby Shower and with the excuse of having tea, they invited her, encountering the big surprise, but then modified the text that corrected said that it had only been a virtual encounter with friends by Zoom, and deleted the photos with her friends. “My lifelong friends surprised me with this amazing baby shower. Friends I grew up with and grew up with, some since I was born, are like my family already. Each wrote me a letter, obviously I cried everything (hormones plus sensitivity plus pure love). We zoomed in and received a lot of love for myself and my baby.” But apparently, he then meditated and decided to remove all traces of the event and only left in one of his stories the cake’s appreciation for his baby. 

Original source in Spanish

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