translated from Spanish: Mario Aguilar and mineduc’s insistence on returning to face-to-face classes: «It’s an imposition of President Piñera, Minister Figueroa is just an errand in that»

The controversial return to face-to-face classes continues to add chapters. After the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa, ruled out the early closure of the school year and insisted on the reopening of schools in communes with necessary health conditions that allow it, the president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, employed the ministerial authority lamenting the «unpacked» style of the Mineduc holder.
According to CNN Chile, the leader of the teaching guild lamented the «untimely style that the minister has acquired in recent weeks, very bellicose, always attacking».
Similarly, Aguilar stated that he does not know how he «contributes to the attack of teachers, to the proxys who have distrust, to fight with everyone.»
«The question is whether there are safety conditions, sanitary conditions, conditions that protect people’s health and lives. And what school communities think is that those conditions are not here today,» he said.
The president of the College of Teachers accused Figueroa of «repeatedly dismissing» the formation of a work desk requested by the guild.
In Aguilar’s view, with the statements of the Minister of Education, «a communication campaign, a communication montage, is made, without actually having a real dialogue with the public».
«The impression we have is that this is rather an imposition by President Piñera, Minister Figueroa is just an errand in that, that there is one thing a little obsessive of the president that we must return to classes to whatever it gives rise to. It is noted that there would be pressure from business groups, that from La Moneda the Minister of Education would be required to impose a return to classes for economic reasons, seems to be the fundamental thing,» he said.

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