translated from Spanish: Indigenous supreme council insists on removing monument to slavery in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a letter signed and sealed by authorities, the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán that brings together 60 communities, employed the City council of Morelia to remove the monument to Francisco Antonio de San Miguel, also known as the monument to the builders of the city, calling the sculptural work as offensive and racist, symbol of subordination, representation of slavery and an emblem of the Spanish genocide.
They stated that contrary to the official version of history, the so-called monument to the builders, located at the beginning of the Morelia aqueduct, far from recognizing those who contributed with their work in the construction of Valladolid, is a monument that recalls and reflects centuries of looting, domination and exploitation of the colonial system, a historical process that they described as illegitimate, violent and immoral.
They reported that derived from a decision agreed in a General Assembly of Indigenous Authorities, they placed the so-called «first left-wing Town Hall of the city of Morelia» to remove the monument from the exploitation before October 12, Day of Dignity, Resistance and Struggle of the Original Peoples, otherwise they will carry out mobilizations and remove the monument themselves.
Finally, they recalled that on October 12, 1992, in the 500 years of Resistance Days, the original peoples demolished the statue of Diego de Mazariegos in San Cristobal de las Casas and the monument of Antonio de Mendoza in Morelia, this as symbols of oppression and domination of the Spanish crown.

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