translated from Spanish: Only brakes will reach the Zocalo to avoid clash with other protests: Sheinbaum

To avoid confrontations between protests, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum did not rule out preventing other groups of protesters from entering the Zocalo as the Camp of the National Front Anti-AMLO will be installed on the plate.
He said the presence of policemen in the city centre will be strengthened in the face of the possible demonstration of normalists for the sixth anniversary of the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa on September 26. 
«You have seen how some mobilizations have involved groups that sometimes break glass, affect public furniture or people, reporters, we are aware that some of these mobilizations are going to take place today,» she explained.
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About Frena’s mobilization, he said they already have a protection that gives them free transit and that they will respect the judge’s decision. «There is an important police presence because we are waiting for this group to enter the Zocalo.»
He reiterated that if Frena was not allowed in last Saturday, it was because there were other demonstrations «some of them that use not very peaceful schemes, so we decided to prevent any demonstration from entering.»
«Today and from now to 2 October different mobilizations are expected and given the experience of previous days in the year with demonstrations that have not been totally peaceful we have an obligation to protect everyone. Let’s see how things happen, my obligation as head of government is to protect everyone without repression but creating the conditions for free demonstration,» she added.
He said his obligation is to protect them as protesters and the citizens transiting through the Historic Center.
«Our obligation is to take care of everyone, so it’s important that there is that special protection because various mobilizations are going to be presented in the city center,» Sheinbaum Pardo said at a conference.
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Frena’s leaders were asked that if they are to settle on the plinth it is important that they as promoters of the mobilizations stay on their plantation. 
«We saw how the tents were doing, they were blowing themselves up in the wind, if they’re going to put them it would be nice if the leaders stayed because it’s hard for them to have a few people there and the rest is scenery and they’re in hotels.»
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