translated from Spanish: Motorcyclist and his companion are hit by car in Libramiento 2

Mazatlán.- A couple traveling on a motorcycle was hit by a car on the avenue Of Oscar Pérez Escobosa, in front of the infonavit Francisco Alarcón.Paramedics of Veteran Firefighters approached the site of the accident and raised a woman who suffered likely right arm fracture. They put a splint on it to keep it from mobilizing it and causing it more pain.

The man who accompanied her complained of severe pain in his right arm. He narrated that one of the tires in the car crushed his limb, however he was not seen a fracture. Lifeguards did not rule out a probable dislocation of the right elbow. Patients were identified as Sergio Ulysses, 42, and Ana Yadira, 37, neighbors of the Uriah colony. Both were transferred to the Social Security emergency room.


People living in front of the aforementioned road trip narrated that a Nissan Tsuru car hit the motorcycle and knocked down its occupants. The accident report was generated at 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday. The couple were travelling on a black, green, Cross-type Italika motorcycle on the avenue of Oscar Pérez Escobosa and were collided by a carriage, whose driver performed return manoeuvres and supposedly failed to observe it. As he invaded the lane, he hit them and knocked them down. Transit officers took over the site.

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