translated from Spanish: Venezuela: After the request for postponement, the government ratified the elections

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela considered the European Union’s mission to postpone legislative elections to renew the authority of the National Assembly “unfortunate” and confirmed that the elections will be held on 6 December “freely and sovereignly”. Through a statement, the Chancellery brazenly accepted the extension requested by the European External Action Service, headed by High Representative Josep Borrell, which it accused of maintaining a “sesgade position” on the political situation in Venezuela and “ignoring the efforts” made by the authorities. It is worth remembering that over the past week, the bloc sent two diplomats to the Caribbean country in order to try to improve the conditions for the elections, which was questioned by sectors of officialism, as well as promoted by the governments of those countries that do not know the presidency of Nicolás Maduro.

European delegates raised the need to postpone elections in order to accept the invitation for the EU to participate as an election observer. However, from Europe it is proposed that in order to accept the role offered by the Maduro Government, it should be able to observe the entire electoral process, which is nevertheless already underway. Maduro invited that bloc and the UN, which has not yet officially ruled, to observe parliamentary elections in order to minimize the abstention announced by the majority of the opposition and, according to recent surveys, by about 40% of the public. In the statement released today, Caracas considers it “regrettable” that the EU “responds with a specification” to the offer of Maduro.La portfolio directed by Minister Jorge Arreaza considers “an inadmissible act that does not correspond to the spirit of the invitation made, nor to the good atmosphere that has been developed in recent months in the relationship with the Government of Venezuela”.

The Venezuelan Executive assured that the provision demonstrated at the reception to the European mission, which was able to “carry out an agenda at the highest level”, demonstrates Caracas’ “irreducible position” to engage in a “productive and sincere dialogue” with other parties.” Venezuela hopes that the EU will maintain a consoning attitude to the principles governing international law and merely fulfil a positive and respectful role of facilitation,” the Chancellery summed up. 
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