translated from Spanish: LeBarón family seeks compensation from AMLO to support victims

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador met this Saturday with the leBarón, Miller and Langford families, who in November 2019 were victims of an armed attack, in which three women and six minors died.
The private meeting was to inform the family about the progress of the investigation.
The activist Adrián LeBarón went this afternoon to the place where his daughter Rhonita and his two grandchildren were murdered, and according to La Vanguardia, he accused that the case is stuck in the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR).
«I have even the name of cops, the case is stuck in the police of Gertz Manero, of the policemen left by Genaro García Luna and it is time, it is time for them to agree,» he said.
While activist Bryan LeBarón posted on his Twitter account that during his meeting with the representative he was asked for compensation as part of the damage repair.
The activist proposed that this compensation be part of the support that the LeBarón community will donate to people at risk of being unprotected from the elimination of trusts for human rights defenders, journalists and victims.
«We know that there are millions of victims, that is why that money cannot be ours alone, it will be for those who are left without the support of the Trust for the Protection of Victims and Journalists,» he wrote.

On your visit, we asked the president for compensation as part of the damage repair
We know that millions of victims, so that money cannot be ours alone, it will be for those who are left without the support of the Trust for the Protection of Victims and Journalists.
— Bryan LeBaron (@BClebaron) October 3, 2020

«The case is not closed» 
After the meeting and before opening a National Guard barracks, López Obrador assured that the case of the Lebarón family’s murder is not yet closed and said the culprits will be punished.
However, he gave no details of the meeting or the progress of the research he gave to the family.
«We are going to know the truth and we have to punish those responsible, we have advantages, I think the main one is that our government does not establish complicity relations with anyone,» he said in conference.
From Bavispe, Sonora, the representative said that on December 15 he will return to the community of La Mora to deliver further progress on the investigations of the case.
On November 4, 2019, three vans in which women and 14 children of the LeBarón family traveled, were attacked in the mountains on the boundaries between the states of Chihuahua and Sonora, leaving nine people dead as their balance.
According to the chronology of the events disseminated by the government of Mexico, members of the LeBarón family were ambushed around 13:00 hours by an armed group, which set fire to one of the vans with the passengers inside.
The U.S. authorities arrested two suspected people involved in the LeBarón family massacre, arrested in addition to the seven captured in Mexico and the more than 40 involved identified by the FGR.
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