translated from Spanish: Ricky Martin: «Was I Argentinian in another life?»

This October 9th I came to Amazon Prime «Get on my Moto» the series that tells the beginnings of the story of the boy band Menudo, in which Ricky Martin started. 

The performer of «Livin’ the Mad Life» recalled with the British magazine Mail on Sunday that between the age of 14 and 15 had his first sexual relationship and recalled that stage of his life.  «I was in Argentina, with a very sexy girl, it was a very strong thing.» In the same line, the 48-year-old artist argued: «To be honest, debuting so small was no big deal. I said ‘Is this it?'» He added, convincedly: «Over the years I had to look for the little guy.» Recalling that situation, he surprised with other statements about our country: «Was I An Argentinian in another life? When I came to live in Buenos Aires for a year, while forming the group ‘Menudo’, the boom of national rock began: Miguel Mateos with his group Zas, Soda Stereo and Serú Girán were inspiring in my life». Let’s remember that the boys of the band filmed a novel called «Menudo por Siempre amigos» with Adrían Suar, Cristina Lemercier, Pablo Rago among others. And that’s why they lived in our country during the filming of the soap opera. 

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