translated from Spanish: Salta is the province hardest hit by wildfires

Salta is the province hardest hit by wildfires with seven «active floodlights,» as the National Fire Management Service (SNMF) daily report mentioned in recent hours. Tucumán, Jujuy and La Rioja also had spotlights while the rest of the country managed to control the flames. According to this report that Télam was able to access, these spotlights were located in Santa Rosa, Aguaray, San Martín (Pocitos), San Lorenzo, La Viña, La Pedrera and Tartagal. In the case of Tucumán «an active focus still persists» located in Cerro Kiko, while firefighters managed to control the fire in Yánina, Cadillal and Finca la Caldera; and extinguish it in Sierra de Narváez and Santa Ana.

In the case of Jujuy two active spotlights remain, in La Unión Seca and Ledesma, but the flames of Santa Clara, El Carmen and Palpalá were extinguished. And as far as La Rioja is concerned, there was a focus in the town of Tama.

Salta, the province hardest hit by wildfires

According to the SNMF report, there is no active fire in the provinces of Córdoba, San Luis, Catamarca and Buenos Aires. For a few days now, the images that record the fires have been sweeping. Argentina is among the ten countries with the highest deforestation in the world and at a critical time for the northern regions of the country, victims of the agro-industrial sectors.
A few days ago the images of Cordoba on fire were some of the most poignant but the truth is that it is a situation that is repeated in various areas of the country and requests the intervention of the State to preserve the environment, its resources, the people and species that live there. 
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