translated from Spanish: Alondra Hernandez, Zapopan’s doctor, disappeared after taking a taxi

General doctor Alondra Hernández Ruelas, 25, disappeared on Saturday, October 17, around 10 a.m. The last thing that is known about her, so far, is that she boarded a private taxi service. 
For a year now, Alondra Hernández has been working at the private clinic San Miguel Archangel in Zapopan, Jalisco. On Saturday he was about to finish his shift at that hospital, when he suddenly left. 
«The receptionist tells us that my sister got a call and got tense, nervous. He grabbed his belongings and left unannounced. He got on a private taxi service, but we don’t know which one. That’s the last thing you know about her,» says her sister Abril Hernandez. 
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Since Alondra had not yet finished his guard, he had to sign out of patients to be discharged. «The receptionist, seeing that my sister was slow to get back, started calling and texting her, to see what they were doing with the patients who were waiting to leave, but the calls didn’t come in anymore and the messages were no longer coming to her,» April says. 

The last time his family had a conversation with Alondra was on Friday. «My sister lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and we live in San Luis Potosí. But my parents are always in touch with her. My dad talked to her on Friday, normal, he didn’t notice anything weird, and on Saturday at about 6pm he dials her again and goes to the mailbox. It didn’t get weird because he thought he was probably in the O.R., when he comes in he always puts the phone into airplane mode, so he wasn’t alarmed.» 
It was Saturday night when the alarms went on. April received via Facebook Messenger a message from the hospital receptionist asking if they knew anything about Alondra because they had no news of her. 
«I began to worry. I marked my parents, because at the time I wasn’t with them, and we started moving, asking, but no one, friends or family, knows anything about her. He didn’t get to sleep where he lives. The landlady and her roomie haven’t seen her or know anything. I had to go to work yesterday Sunday and he didn’t show up.» 
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The family filed a report of disappearance in San Luis Potosí and moved to Jalisco to file the corresponding complaint with the public prosecutor’s office. 
Alondra is a surgeon’ doctor, graduated from the Autonomous University of Jalisco. He is working at the private clinic in Zapopan as he prepares to apply for the next call, the following year, to make his residence, either in otolaryngology or dermatology. 
When he disappeared, he was wearing his green surgical uniform. Lark measures 1.64, is light brown complexion, straight, black and long hair and has a scar on the forehead, above the left eyebrow, as well as a brown mole on the nose on the right side and three perforations in one of his ears. 
Just a few days ago, the United Nations Committee against Enforced Disappearances (CED Committee) urged the Mexican State to carry out all necessary and appropriate search actions to determine the whereabouts and fate of the two missing trans women also in Zapopan Jalisco, at the request of civil society organizations that alerted the Committee to this disappearance. 
In their request, IDHEAS, Strategic Litigation in Human Rights B.C. and The Diverse Union of Jalisco (UDJ) informed the United Nations that In Jalisco there are officially a total of 11,263 cases of missing persons, which places it as the second largest entity with the highest number of cases. Zapopan is the second most disappeared municipality in the state, with 2 thousand, of which 580 are women.
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