translated from Spanish: Protest day: Line 4 stations closed for incidents in Puente Alto

During this day, incidents have been reported in the commune of Puente Alto. A group of protesters gathered outside the Children’s Protective Metro stations, forcing their closure.
According to reports from Biobío, protesters began to gather from 6 p.m. After 20:30, Santiago Metro reported that Plaza de Puente Alto station was also closed.
They then advanced to the Eduardo Cordero sector with Concha y Toro, where they lit barricades and interrupted traffic to the center of the commune.
In parallel, Carabineros staff are guarding the 20th Upper Bridge Police Station, which yesterday was attacked by a group of people, forcing officials to use the water-throwing trolley to disperse the protest.
At least eight detainees in Concepción
Concepción has also experienced an intense day of protests. After 15:00, a group of people began to gather in Independence Square and the Plaza de los Tribunals, where incidents were recorded that forced Carabineros to make use of the water-throwing cart.
Preliminaryly, the institution reported that due to these events, eight people have been arrested.

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