translated from Spanish: Faculty of Chemistry separates two teachers by gender-based violence

UnaM’s Faculty of Chemistry determined that two teachers should refrain from having any contact with their students, after being denounced for gender-based violence.
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Through social media, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) detailed that he is a subject professor in the Department of Physicochemistry and another from the Department of Mathematics.
In the first case, the teacher was pointed out with a video that circulated on social networks, where he expresses sexist and misoginos comments.
The second accused committed «acts considered to be gender-based violence, which provoked the outrage of the students of the Faculty», the institution indicated without giving further details.

Separate the Faculty of Chemistry from two teachers for gender-based violence.
— UNAM (@UNAM_MX) October 20, 2020

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On October 14, students at the Faculty of Chemistry performed a virtual class stoppage to demand that university authorities not cover up assailants, punish violence against women and listen to students.
They also demanded that the case of Yasmin, a chemical engineering student who reported being raped by a student and adjunct professor at the Faculty, be addressed.
The young woman reported that she was raped inside the University City facility, and that although she made the corresponding complaint, UNAM stopped the investigations, so the defendant continued to teach.
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