translated from Spanish: The beauty of Gabriela Spanic who captivated thousands when she was young

Mexico.- Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic, 46, during her time in Mexican soap operas was recognized as one of the best villains that Mexico could have had at the time, but her attitude may have been so strong and shocking, but her face went so far as to say the opposite, because when she was young she had an angelic face with which she managed to fall in love with thousands. Spanic began her artistic career around the early 1990s, when she participated in Miss Venezuela, representing her home state. Her last project in that country was Todo por tu amor, where she played Amaranta and it was in 1998 that we saw her as the villain in the telenovela La Usurpadora, when she was still very young.
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Through Instagram the actress has shared some photographs from that time when she looked like a sweet and angelic woman, despite having already had antagonistic padel rackets in the soap operas. Even, it is enough to do a quick internet search to check that during her youth she did not seem to become the amazing woman she is today.

And when it became known no one imagined that it would be one of the most remembered villains of all time in Mexico and Latin America and they also did not believe that she would be one of the most beautiful women who have made telenovelas in the Aztec country. In one of the photographs that we see her of the most beautiful and angelic is in which she proudly presents her character Linda Prado, whom she described as the most important on television, and was played in the telenovela Morena Clara, a 1994 production by Venevisión in Venezuela.

This is Linda Prado from the Venezuelan soap opera Morena Clara. Photo: Instagram

Another of the beautiful and angelic characters that Spanic went on to play was Paulina Martínez, from the telenovela La Usurpadora, produced by Televisa in 1998. This project was sold in more than 120 countries, such as Hungary, for example, where “men didn’t watch soap operas until this character arrived,” the actress said on Instagram.

That’s what Gabriela Spanic’s angelic Paulina Martínez was like. Photo: Instagram

On the other hand, we have Paola Bracho, who despite being a great villain with an excellent performance by Gaby, and despite the effort of the production and the actress to want to make her look like an evil woman, her angel face did not go unnoticed among viewers, which is why she worked much harder on her performance.

Despite her wickedness, Paola Bracho was a creditor of an angelic face. Photo: Instagram

Many years later, in 2010, we saw her bring to life the character of Ivana Dorantes Rangel, a hated character with which she exploited her evil and sensuality to the fullest, this being also one of the most remembered among Gaby’s followers. Currently, a decade after its broadcast through Canal de las Estrellas, this project by Nicandro Día starring Lucero and Fernando Colunga, with the antagonistic participations of Gabriela Spanic and Sergio Goyri, is being broadcast and has managed to record a large number of audiences.

Ivana was one of Gaby Spanic’s most hated characters. Photo: Instagram

Today, at 46, Gabriela Spanic is one of the most beautiful and remembered women on television. Through social media he continues to conquer with great beauty, a body of heart attack and an unmatched but much more mature charisma, which continues to enchant the audience of his generation, in addition, has no marks of the passage of the years on his skin, something that very few women have the opportunity to show off. This 2020 was full of hits for the actress, with one of the projects with which we can see it is Dancing with the stars in Hungary, where she became the first participant of the show that airs on the local television.

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