translated from Spanish: Leopoldo López left the Embassy of Spain and left Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López left the residence of Spain’s ambassador to Caracas, where he remained as a guest since April 30, 2019, after participating in a failed military uprising against Nicolás Maduro.The information surrounding where the head of the Voluntad Popular party moved are several and could have moved to Colombia.

I am very happy that Leopoldo López can be found with his family in freedom. My love for Lilian, her children and her parents at this hour when they can finally be together. — Maria Corina Machado (@MariaCorinaYA)
October 24, 2020

Lopez was arrested in 2014 and sentenced to 14 years in prison, accused of leading violent acts in the anti-government marches that took place that year. The opponent served his sentence for nearly three years in a military prison and was subsequently sentenced to house arrest until his release in April 2019.

That day he joined the military uprising led by Juan Guaidó, who tried to seized power after being recognized as interim president of Venezuela by nearly 50 countries, when he went along with thirty military personnel to a military base in Caracas.

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