translated from Spanish: He decorated his house for Halloween with a bloody scene and the neighbors denounced him

Steven Novak is a visual artist from the state of Texas, USA, who set out to decorate his home to receive the annual Halloween celebration, a tradition celebrated on October 31. But the artist put together a complete scene worthy of a horror film that caused the horror of the neighbors, who ended up reporting it to the local police. 

Since the facade of his home became a real crime scene that: includes a man killed by a chainsaw, another by a safe that fell on his head, a corpse with a knife in his skull and another in a bag, as well as amputated limbs deployed in a wheelbarrow. There is a large amount of false blood scattered on the ground, which stains the grass and grass. 

“I’ve always been doing mischief like flying ghosts or 2-metre-high snow sculptures of myself, so if I was going to do Halloween, it was obvious that I should be hyper real,” the artist told The Dallas Observer.
Novak, who placed mannequins and spent 75 litres of fictitious blood, is dedicated every day to “watering the bodies with blood” because in the last week it was raining a lot in the city. 

“Sometimes people come by and ask me what I’m doing and I’ll tell them I’m ‘watering the corpses’ and they laugh,” he added, but it’s not all cool in the neighborhood, as it was denounced twice by the exhibition. 
“During these last few days I have received a visit from the police twice to wonder if the blood and corpses were mine. Although they have acknowledged that they love it, I have been told that they come home on the order of the sergeant,” the artist said.

He himself said he was astonished by the global impact of his décor and now acknowledges that he “could have done better.” So, you’re already thinking about next year’s show. “I think he could have used more blood and corpses,” he said. 

Because more and more people from nearby neighborhoods are walking to see Steven’s work. In fact, there are several people who have started sharing visits to the house of terror through YouTube to confirm whether it eventually generates fear and also to know some extra details about the set.

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