translated from Spanish: Morelia Government will intervene with renewal of roads and works the holdings and their communities

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to promote the growth and development of tenures and their communities, as well as ensuring the implementation of 25% of the budget, the Cabildo de Morelia, approved by a majority an extension to the Annual Investment Programme (IAP) 2020, amounting to 44 million 904 thousand 111 pesos with 42 cents, thus the City Council will have the capacity to increase to 214 the number of works to be carried out in the year ongoing.
The Government of Morelia, headed by the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, has ensured investment in the capital’s tenures and communities and by 2020, the objective of renewing its roads was developed, as well as expanding the utility network, such as drinking water, drainage and lighting.
With such approval by the Cabildo, the 2020 MYP is made up of 453 million 984 thousand 051 pesos with 71 cents, resulting in a total of 214 works, of which 102 belong to the Mobility section, 46 of Social Infrastructure and Public Space, 22 of electrification and lighting, 42 of hydraulic infrastructure and 2 of Studies and Projects.
Maintains City Hall good public account management
In an extraordinary session, the Cabildo de Morelia approved by majority the referral to the State Congress the documentation corresponding to the third quarter of the Public Account 2020, in which again progress was reflected in the responsible management of finance and the reduction of debt, in accordance with the policies of austerity and transparency promoted by Mayor Morón Orozco.

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