translated from Spanish: Pandemic advances: world passed 46 million cases of coronavirus

Near the age of 11 months since coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Sunday that the world exceeded 46 million contagions, after recording 466,108 cases in the last 24 hours. In addition, fatalities were reported. Among the countries most affected by the pandemic, According to Johns Hopkins University’s account, the United States is in the first place, with 9,189,715 infected (230,870 deaths), followed by India, with 8,184,082 (122,111), and Brazil, with 5,535,605 (159,884).

On the other hand, a second wave of the disease hits Europe (cases increased by 41% in the last seven days) and forced several governments to take various restriction measures to slow the progress of contagions, such as further confinements, limiting circulation and closing shops and institutions. However, these measures sparked the bronch of people from different countries, who in recent days led strong protests against them. Such was the case in Spain, where cities such as Madrid, Vitoria and Logroño were stages this weekend of looting and demonstrations against the measures of night curfew and perimeter closures, which ended in clashes with the police and left more than 60 detainees and 20 injured.

Riots in Spain against confinement measures. Photo: Reuters

This situation was also replicated in Italy, where the curfew in several regions, the total closure of gymnasiums, cinemas and concert halls, as well as limited hours for bars and restaurants, generated various clashes. In this context, above, the Italian Government is considering announcing in the coming hours a confinement of large cities, as stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and quoted the news agency Europa Press, «the epidemiological curve is still very high».

Demonstrations in Italy are growing in the face of closures and restriction measures. Photo: Reuters

For its part, in France, during the Halloween festivities that took place in the midst of the confinement schedule, there were also serious incidents with burned and stoned buses and fireworks fired at police in cities near Paris and Bordeaux.
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