translated from Spanish: Auto parts winery set on fire in Colonia Analco de Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- A strong fire was recorded this morning in an auto parts winery located in the Analco colony of Guadalajara, which is located a few streets from the Historic Center and the former Truck Central of the capital of Jalisco.The report of the fire was made at 08:07 hours today to the telephone line 911 by the neighbors who reside in analco streets , Tuberosa and Violeta, in which the heat was felt meters from the affected property.
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In a timely manner, locals and merchants evacuated people and evicted some vehicles because they feared the high flames would spread to the attached buildings.

Within minutes of the relief report, Civil Protection agents and firefighters from Jalisco arrived at the site, as well as the municipalities of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque to start with the suffocating maneuvers of what had initially reported them as a fire in a room house. To prevent the fire from spreading to other properties, firefighters had to climb the roofs of buildings attached to the auto parts warehouse to fight fire from four points. After hours of firefighting, they finally managed to control the high calls that rose from among the twisted irons and burnt tires inside the premises of approximately 15 by 50 meters, requiring the participation of a total of 24 Fire and Civil Protection officers.

The agents reported that because the fire started before the working days began the premises were still un staffed inside, however, as the minutes passed some employees were arriving in the area encountering the closure of roads due to the accident. It was until 09:17 hours that the agents finally declared the fire controlled so they began carrying out debris removal work, as well as the cooling of the property, the tools that were for sale, as well as the irons of tanks that were twisted.

Original source in Spanish

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