translated from Spanish: In Apatzingan, a 68-year-old man passed the Covid after 9 days of hospitalization

Morelia, Michoacán.- After the care provided by the medical and nursing corps of the General Hospital of Apatzingán, of the Ministry of Health of Michoacán (SSM), the patient number 87 was discharged for improvement, after defeating the virus by COVID-19.
After 9 days of hospitalization, a 68-year-old man overcatched the disease after experiencing shortness of breath, fever and general discomfort, being cared for by the multidisciplinary team of specialists, who also controlled his chronic degenerative diseases, such as high blood pressure.
The man was dismissed in applause and will be sent home under medical supervision and epidemiological surveillance, due to his comorities, to keep him under control.
There is still no cure or vaccine against COVID-19, so social estating, not touching your face with dirty hands, using the mouth cover, constant hand washing or disinfection, not greeting kissing, hand or hugging and sneezing at the inner angle of the arm, are the most effective preventive stockings to avoid contracting the virus.
The SSM makes available to the population the 800-123-2890 with 11 lines to solve all their doubts, as well as the microsite where you will find all the information available about COVID-19.

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