Pep Guardiola spoke about Julian Alvarez: “It’s been an extraordinary signing”

Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola spoke again about Argentine striker Julian Alvarez, who recently joined the English squad. We have not been wrong. We had said he was a fantastic guy and we have checked it out. He is an absolutely team player, where you can tell by effort what he gives and has a goal. When the ball falls in the area he has between eyebrows and eyebrows the goal,” Guardiola said in an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter newscast.

“WITH JULIÁN ÁLVAREZ WE WERE NOT WRONG.” Pep Guardiola and the praise for the Argentine jewel who came to Manchester City from River Plate and how he will be able to help the team in its role. — SportsCenter (@SC_ESPN)
July 29, 2022

Regarding the adaptation of the striker to the team, the coach said: “He has already adapted, in America he showed that he had adapted. In the training we saw before traveling to the United States it was already seen. It took two half afternoons. It has already done so. The good ones don’t need time, the good ones adapt quickly, they adjust, they understand fast, football is universal, the one who knows how to play, knows how to play, the one who is a scorer, he is a scorer in Argentina as in England, the one who is a pillo, he is a pillo in Argentina and here. Whether he does it right or wrong, who knows, but the issue of adaptation in the field already has it.” I think it has been an extraordinary signing, that he will be here for many years. He is going to stay and he is going to help us a lot because he can play focused or in more lateral positions,” Guardiola emphasized about the continuity of Álvarez at Manchester City.On the other hand, the former Barcelona coach clarified that the former River player could play alongside Norwegian attacker Erling Haaland: “Yes, he can be complementary. If we play with very open ends I see it difficult, when we play with more closed ends he can adapt. I have no doubt.”

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