translated from Spanish: General Yáñez’s first Friday: looting and whereabouts of the Transantiago burned in incident day in the heart of Santiago

New demonstrations were recorded in Santiago this Friday. People began to gather early, about 18 hours, in Plaza Baquedano, with the aim of marching to the frontis of the Palace of La Moneda.
The journey was not without incidents, which forced Carabineros to act with tankers and grenade launchers. This, to prevent the protesters from arriving at the Government House.
The most serious events occurred near the Universidad de Chile metro, which forced the closure of the station. The same thing subsequently happened at Baquedano station.
In Plaza Baquedano, virtually all the surrounding whereabouts were burned.

Credit: @juanpablorecs
In another sector of the Alameda, at the intersection with San Antonio Street, a Pharmacy of the Salcobrand chain was looted. There’s a detainee for this robbery, Carabineros Central Prefecture’s Twitter account reported.
In addition, while these demonstrations occurred, strangers looted a branch of Scotiabank located in Moneda de Santiago Centro street, which as recorded cameras of the place. Carabineros prevented the situation from getting bigger.

Other videos that occurred during the day.

Credit: @piensaprensa

Credit: @carabprcentral

Credit: @piensaprensa

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