translated from Spanish: Parliamentarians share audio of UDI deputy about carabineros’ new managing general: «He’s more left-handed than the chu…»

Through social networks, some parliamentarians have shared an audio, listening to UDI Deputy Javier Macaya, talking to his peer Patricio Melero, about the appointment of Carabineros’ new managing general, Ricardo Yáñez.
In the register, initially published by DR Deputy Jorge Brito, Macaya says that «the managing general of Carabineros is more left-handed than the chucha», to which Melero responds. «Yáñez? Oh yes, huh? they have it as very good.»
Macaya claims to have handed over the information to Chadwick, «but I wasn’t caught,» which she explains in the conversation, she obtained through the UDI president in San Fernando, who is a neighbor of Yáñez’s family.
«It’s very left-wing,» Says Macaya, to which Melero replies «can be good.»
Then Javier Macaya himself through his Twitter account apologized for the words I use in the audio he chatted with his peer and expressed his support for carabineros’ new managing general.» I’ve always backed carabinieri. The terms I referred to were in a private conversation. Apologize. Family, ideas or any condition, it doesn’t matter to run such an important institution. Lucky and all the support for the new General Director Ricardo Yañez,» he wrote.

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