translated from Spanish: Anti-Violence Against Women’s Day Activities

“This week, on the occasion of the International Day to Combat Violence against Women, we are going to work hard with civil society, territorial, trade union and political organizations because we understand that building a feminist policy needs a social fabric in which we are committed,” said the Secretary of Gender-Based Anti-Violence Policies , Josefina Kelly Neila.In dialogue with Télam, the civil service company advanced the activities that will drive from the portfolio around this date, including prevention programs, an encounter with women from Latin America, the implementation of the program against Extreme Violence in Tucumán and working meetings with civil society organizations.

“First of all, it should be noted that the International Day to Combat Violence against Women is November 25th in commemoration of three sisters fighting the Trujillo dictatorship and the truth that both for the fight for human rights and women’s rights in Latin America is a living example,” she explained. She added: “When we take on this ministry, which is the result of the historic struggle of the women’s movement and diversity, we understood that we are responsible for en making a present state possible, with close public policies that really change and transform the social reality of all women, both those who are in situations of violence and those suffering from the inequality gap.” Activities

A regional talk with women in Latin America will participate with UN Women and 25 prevention activities will be carried out in 15 points of the country in conjunction with local organizations and governments
Implementation of the program against extreme violence in Tucumán, “which is a province with a high rate of femicides and we will also work with the 41 civil society projects that received subsidies from the Articular program”

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