translated from Spanish: PPD went to the TC at the request of the Government against second withdrawal of 10%

The Party for Democracy (PPD) filed a letter to the Constitutional Court (TC) on Saturday to reject the Government’s request against the project allowing a second withdrawal of 10% of the planned funds. According to BioBioChile, the PPD presented the document to defend the initiative that was approved by the Chamber of Deputies and rejected by the Senate, and which must be settled in a Joint Commission.The party’s president, Heraldo Muñoz, argued in favor of the presentation that “using transitional articles do not represent unconstitutionality.” Second, this is not affected by the third chapter of the Constitution, which concerns the planned system. Thirdly, the power of the President of the Republic in terms of initiative is also not affected,” he added. However, the former chancellor was open to negotiating with the Government on adding taxes to funds withdrawn from AFPs, but only to higher tranches of income. In addition, José Antonio Ramírez, a constitutionalist lawyer leading the PPD initiative, noted that there is a contradiction of President Sebastián Piñera in the Executive’s position, as the same representative enacted the first 10% withdrawal, but now argues that the second bailout is unconstitutional. It should be noted that the Constitutional Court has a period of 20 days to respond to the document presented yesterday by the opposition party.

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