translated from Spanish: Antofagasta already has mayor to replace resignation Karen Rojo: city council elects PS Wilson Diaz

On Tuesday, antofagasta City Council elected former edil Wilson Díaz (PS) as the new mayor following the resignation of Karen Rojo, who was disqualificationed from office for the duration of the trial she faces for Fisco fraud and incompatible negotiation.
Diaz was elected with six votes in favor. He is a lawyer by profession and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. He was also president of the chapter of councillors of the Chilean Association of Municipalities and is currently a member of the board of councillors of the association of municipalities.
“It was a very tense council that was then aligned for me and I am super happy for this challenge, a challenge in the personal that I take it with pleasure because the needs we have in Antofagasta are many and we have to address them. My commitment is to work for the community,” the new mayor said.
As stated by Diaz himself, his intention is to continue the work of the deputy mayor Ignacio Pozo.
“Here did not come a short head, a machine, here what came is a mayor who wants to do things right with the people we have here we have to sit down to talk to reorganize them again and that this municipality responds to the needs we have in the city,” he added.

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