translated from Spanish: Corpesca: SII went out to explain why he did not persevere against Orpis and Isasi who were acquitted of tax crime

After the Third Oral Court in Santiago’s Criminal Court dismissed the charges against former UDI parliamentarians Jaime Orpis and Marta Isasi for tax offences under the Corps case, due to the decision of the Internal Revenue Service (SII) not to persevere in the allegations, the agency came out in the wake of its decision and announced that it does not rule out other legal actions against ex-congressmen.
This day, both former parliamentarians were convicted of bribery and in the case of the former senator, also for fraud of the Fisco.
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In the case of former orator Orpis, the SII said that “nominative claims for tax offences were filed, accusing him of providing 78 ideologically false ballots to Corpesca.” In addition, the agency said that in a second complaint against Orpis, Francisco Javier Mujica Ortúzar and Carolina Gacitúa Larenas, “condemnations were obtained from the latter two in abbreviated proceedings”.
“With regard to Marta Isasi the SII did not file a complaint, because the record collected did not justify initiating a direct criminal action for tax offences against her,” the service added.
Miguel Zamora, legal deputy director of the SII, said that the entity analyses actions to follow, “since as an institution we are convinced that in the case of Jaime Orpis there was the tax crime for which we complain, that is, the provision of ideologically false ballots. We believe that we have the legal arguments that support our thesis, the result of a thorough background collection.”

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