translated from Spanish: They calcin two bodies in front of NGOs in CDMX; it’s an act of intimidation, they accuse

The bodies of two people were abandoned and charred in front of the facilities of the Organization Cauce Ciudadano, in the mayor’s office Gustavo A. Madero, in Mexico City.
According to Cauce Ciudadano, around 5:30 a.m. this Sunday, a group of unidentified people arrived at the site, placed the bodies in front of a van in the organization and set them on fire. The bodies and unit were charred.
In a statement, the organization condemned the fact and demanded justice and punishment from those responsible.
«We report that such violent and clearly intimidating actions seek to stop and engage our activities and generate fear in people who for more than 20 years since the work of Citizen Cauce have supported hundreds of victims in the country in defending and promoting their human rights,» the organization said in a statement.
Cauce Ciudadano’s work focuses on the rescue of young women and men who are victims of crime, as well as the search for missing persons and the training and training of children and adolescents.
«We call on the authorities of the Federal Government and Mexico City involved to conduct objective, truthful investigation and with due protection of sensitive information (…) we also require the establishment of Urgent Protective Measures for our entire team,» reads in the organization’s pronouncement.
For its part, the CDMX Attorney General’s Office reported that the charred bodies correspond to a man and a woman.
The unit launched a murder crime investigation folder and collects testimonies and images from surveillance cameras in the area to find those responsible for the events.
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