translated from Spanish: Pumas and his Band Ms song for good luck

Mexico City.- Just days after the Grand Final of liga Mx in Mexico, the Pumas team of UNAM is the favorite to win the title against the Leon FC team, and many fans have created a special cabala or superstition about it. It is known that the team led by Andrés Lillini has had some good photon to reach the last instance of the tournament, and the fans have theorized that it is an associated kabbale, although it is difficult to believe, to a song by the Ms Band.
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According to the many videos broadcast on social networks, the technician and UNAM players always listen as a talisman before the encounters a song by the Ms Band, specifically one of their most famous singles. 

It is “El Color de Tus ojos”, where this song, it is known, was learned by heart by the Argentine technician in the environment with the players, while it is hoped that thanks to this kabbala coupled with his effort as a team, they can conquer the grand final.
A video broadcast by the college club shows what the Pumas’ concentration is like from the dressing rooms and the large group they have formed so far, where they had not played the last match of the tournament for years. As confirmed by Lillini and Israel López, a former footballer and technical assistant, the famous MS Band song is the team’s Kabbalah song, although it is common for both technicians and players to have their own actions that serve as a kabbalah for luck.

Original source in Spanish

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