translated from Spanish: Price of the dollar in Mexico today December 10, 2020

Mexico.- The price of the dollar in Mexico regained ground against the national currency on Thursday, December 10, 2020, as it dawned with a slight increase of $0.0073 pesos (0.04%), presenting an overall value of $19,7587 in the exchange rate, according to US dollar presents this day an average price of $19,505 for purchase, and $20,0123 for sale in the window, so it keeps its trend upwards this week, in contrast to this month’s downward trend and the last quarter, where it has lost up to 10.63% of its value to the Mexican peso, i.e. $2.35 pesos.
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For thursday’s exchange rate, the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) trades the dollar at $19,8368, and at the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) its price was $19,8368 at Wednesday’s FIX. (This is how the price of the dollar in Mexico dawns today, December 9, 2020).

For the payment of foreign currency bonds, the U.S. dollar is priced at $19,7537, and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) is quoted at $19,8368 pesos per unit. But each bank in Mexico has different exchange rates for the purchase and sale of the U.S. currency. Here are the general prices for buying and selling dollars in the window of the country’s major banks and institutions this December 10th:

Price of the dollar in bank and institution windows in Mexico. Image:


S&P 500 Index (Wall Street) 

Original source in Spanish

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