translated from Spanish: The U defeated Audax Italiano 3-1: they scored Lenis on their debut and Aránguiz on return after injury

University of Chile managed to return to victories on Wednesday, after surpassing 3-1 as a visit to Audax Italiano, in a valid commitment on the 22nd date of the National Championship to the first clear arrival of the goal came about the fourth hour of the match, after Fernando de Paul with a great reaction avoided the Olympic goal from 2020.La a corner shot served by Ivan Ledezma (14′). After 30 minutes, the Italic painting again disturbed Paul with a long-distance header from Luis Cabrera (36′), but his attempt was deviated above the crossbar. Although the host looked better on the court, at the start of the add-on Reinaldo Lenis opened the scoring in the 50th minute, after connecting head-on to beat Joaquín Muñoz.Shortly the next, Jimmy Martínez put together a counterpus that allowed Camilo Moya (53′) to score 2-0 and lead the match in favor of the university students. However, the Florin ensemble did not lower its arms, finding the current discount through the newly entered Gonzalo Alvarez (62′). At 69 minutes, Lenis made a big move to leave the recovered Pablo Aránguiz in a position to stretch the lead, but the young steering wheel failed in front of the opposite goal. The Colombian attacker was very sharp on offense, having minutes later a cross-header that went wide from the goal defended by Muñoz.La third figure of the «U» reached 89 minutes of encounter, after Aránguiz took off the local goalkeeper and scored with the goal at his mercy. With this victory, Universidad de Chile climbed to fifth place in the table with 33 points, while Italian Audax with 25 units dropped to 12th place. On the next date, the «blues» will receive the complicated Deportes Iquique, while the colony cast will visit Universidad de Concepción in the Biobío region.

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