translated from Spanish: Social Civic Front Demands Payment Compliance and Respect for Labor Law

Michoacán.- By exposing the non-payment of salaries with delays of several months, as is the case of workers of the Technological of Pátzcuaro, assaulted the Social Civic Front marched from the Obelisk to Lázaro Cárdenas to the center of the city, where in front of the Government Palace they made a rally.
Led by various sections of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), the leader of section XVIII of CNTE, Gamaliel Guzmán Cruz demanded a new working table with the state government to address the different problems that unions face in the absence of payments of wages and benefits, contractual violations and that ensures the payment of the aguinaldo and its year-end benefits for the next week.
Backed by the Zacatecas, Durango, Chiapas, Jalisco, Chihuahua, Veracruz, Colima, CDMX, Guerrero sections, among others, emphasized the demand for a hail to the support of paramilitary groups such as FNLS to hit the magisterium.
«If the government of this state wants to continue betting in confrontation with section XVIII, it will be with everyone,» warned Mario Roldán, section 40 Chiapas.
On his occasion the leader of the workers of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Pátzcuaro, Porfirio Valdovinos Fuerte shouted a enough of the arrears to his wages, «it is already more than 7 months that owe us this year and only tell us that there is no money», enough of injustices.

Similarly, the leader of the Single Academic Union of the College of Baccalaureates of the State of Jalisco (Suacobaej),
Francisco Javier Avila Esparza reported that in the various working tables with the federation, more than a thousand teachers have been re-installed because of the past educational reform, as well as the release of political prisoners, as well as the payment of their fallen wages, so they demand to continue the path of dialogue and resolution throughout the country in the face of onslovers towards workers throughout the education sector.
In this context, contingents were present from the University of Technology of Morelia, the Technologicals of Pátzcuaro, michoacana University, among others, who demanded payments of debits and respect for the rights

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