translated from Spanish: Emanuel Gil introduced the reversal of «No More»

A year after launching «No No,» Emanuel Gil felt the need to reverse it to give him the imronta he imagined from the day he wrote it.» It’s no longer a song inspired by a real-life gay relationship. A friend I love with my soul. We went through many together, but this moment was crucial to everything we live after releasing that pain. A lot of people contacted me on Instagram telling me their stories, how they connected with my story, and that was pure nutrient for my heart,» the young man exclaimed.

That’s why he made new versions; «No Longer (Alternative Version)» and «No longer [No More] (Alternative English Version)».» Despite being a «spanglish» song, I decided to make a 100% English version because in my Spotify analytics I could see that among 30-40% of my listeners are from non-Spanish speaking countries,» Emanuel said.

And he acknowledged that he was very excited about this release that took place on December 11th.
«I have a lot of faith in this project, and I feel that this story has much to walk on; to engage in debates, to open ourselves up with our friends, to heal wounds collectively, to appreciate/learn from the bad and to receive the good that life has to offer us,» he said.

Original source in Spanish

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