translated from Spanish: Investigation of possible hacking of the U.S. Treasury Department


Hackers apparently accessed computers in the U.S. Treasury Department and possibly other federal agencies, which triggered a government response involving the National Security Council.

Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said Sunday that the government is aware of hacking reports.» We take all necessary steps to identify and resolve any potential issues related to this situation,» he wrote in an email. The government’s Cyber security and infrastructure agency (CISA) indicated that it has been working with other agencies «in relation to newly discovered activity in government networks. CISA provides technical assistance to affected entities as they work to identify and mitigate any potential risks.» Reuters reported Sunday that a foreign government-backed group stole information from the Treasury and a Department of Commerce agency responsible for deciding internet and telecommunications policies. According to various reports, intelligence agencies are concerned that other agencies have been hacked with similar tools. The Treasury Department channeled the comments to the National Security Council.

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