translated from Spanish: You want to drink something different this Christmas? Canned Bresh is for you!

Because such a particular year deserves that in these festivities we toast with something different, that is why the most beautiful, popular and iconic festival of the Argentine launched the Bresh in Lata, a drink based on vodka, which comes ready to drink and celebrate Christmas and the new year. In the quest to innovate and offer the fans of the party a different experience, the Bresh announces the launch of a limited edition cocktail in can of 473 c/c, ready to take, based on SKYY vodka, which expresses the collaborative and diverse spirit that joins it to the brand of the blue bottle.

La Bresh was created by a group of friends in winter 2016 with the mission of putting together a new type of night out with the values of the new generations, to promote an atmosphere of collective freedom.   

With the pandemic, the festival adapted to the need for social isolation and made for more than six months virtual editions with free and free access through live broadcasts, achieving an audience of approximately 850 thousand views with a peak of 83 thousand views simultaneously at the strictest time of quarantine.

He also quickly adapted to “the new normal” and made several editions of AutoBresh at Obras Stadium and Mandarine Park, attended by the country’s most renowned influencers and Youtubers. 

For its reason SKYY vodka is a brand that is defined by its visionary spirit and a bold attitude; and accompanies the Bresh festival since summer 2019 with its various digital celebration proposals for the millennial and alternative generation. The Bresh cocktail will be available in AMBA, Córdoba, Rosario, Santa Fe and Mar del Plata and can be purchased at the next sales channel Salud!

Original source in Spanish

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