translated from Spanish: Puppies who were saved from butchers in China arrive in Florida

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Mexico.- A Florida canine organization successfully concluded an operation to save twenty golden retriever dogs that were at risk of being slaughtered in China to market their meat. He managed to take them to the U.S. to give them a better life.
The dogs arrived Sunday at Miami International Airport after a long journey and six months of paperwork and preparations. Now, they’re already with the families who adopted them, Efe Denise Libby, a member of Golden Rescue South Florida, told Efe Denise Libby on Monday.
«These dogs have gone through traumatic experiences, so some don’t even know how to act with a dog. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of training and a lot of determination,» operation coordinator Kristine Minerva told CBS.
The operation was put together after Golden Rescue South Florida was contacted by a canine hostel in China whose managers asked them for help in saving the dogs.
They organized a fundraising campaign—bringing each dog has cost a minimum of $2,600, according to Minerva—and searched for twenty families who were properly able to successfully take care of rescued golden retrievers.
Golden Rescue South Florida has previously organized dog rescues in the United States, Puerto Rico and Turkey.
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