translated from Spanish: Millie Bobby Brown Collection Vogue Eyewear Participates

It’s no uncommon for celebrities to venture into the world of business and design, so it’s no surprise that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brow has made it known that she participated in the creation of the new collection of Vogue Eyewear, the lens line of the famous American fashion brand. While it is true that this year has brought with it regrettable things, on a par, there are people who, within what may be, who have come out extremely blessed from this 2020. Such is the case of the young actress Millie Bobby Brown, who has been able to make very good use of her talent, both in acting and in film production and now we are surprised that she has entered the field of design and in a brand world-renowned Good for her!.
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Millie Bobby Brown co-creates new Collection of Vogue Eyewear/ Source: Instagram milliebobbybrown

Elena Holmes’ actress made public knowledge, through her social networks, her co-creation, along with Vogue Eyerwear, of 8 models of lenses (4 sunglasses and 4 ophthalmological), thus demonstrating that her talent goes beyond screens, big or girls.

In this sense, it is not the first time that Brown has entered the field of business, since it must be remembered that the young actress and model brought to the market “Florence By Mills”, which emanates from her great-grandmother. The characteristic feature of these feminine beauty products is that they are completely vegan, at the same time as “cruelty free”, so it is PETA certified. It should be noted that, despite her young age, because she is only 16 years old, the actress of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a fashion icon, since she has been able to make very good use of her to risk trying new trends and characterizing them with her distinctive brand, hence fashion brands take it into account in her projects.Millie Bobby Brown and his love for dogs
On the other hand, a few days ago the 16-year-old actress posted on her Instagram a photograph of her little dog “Winnie The Pooh” celebrating that the little, hairy puppy celebrated her first year of life. Pictured we can see the little dog wearing a ballet tu you, a crown and a bib that says “happy birthday”, all wrapped in pink. In the message with which she accompanied the tender image, Brown expresses that she feels very lucky to be her mother. In the comments of the publication stand out all those who put faces with hearts, hearts and emoticons of celebration. (Millie Bobby Brown causes tenderness by combining attire with his puppy) It should be mentioned that Millie Bobby Brown is characterized by her great love of animals (for some reason she has ensured that her cosmetics do not involve any kind of animal abuse), specifically dogs, so very constantly you can see him upload photographs with his furry loved ones. For example, a week ago he uploaded 4 images in which he appears carrying another of his puppies, this time a black hairy puppy. What caught the attention of internet users the most is that the actress of “Stranger Things” and her beloved pet dressed in the same way, perfectly combining their outfits, which caused tenderness in social media users.

Original source in Spanish

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