translated from Spanish: Tamaulipas PC unaware of CFE fire document

Civil Protection of Tamaulipas learned of the statement presented on Tuesday by the Federal Electricity Commission as proof of the fire that would have been one of the causes of the blackout that affected more than 10 million users.
The state agency even noted that they did not address the claim in question, so they do not know the details.
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Yesterday, at a press conference, the CFE presented a letter by The Civil Protection of Tamaulipas, which recounts the attention to a fire in a grassland area in the municipality of Padilla, Tamaulipas.
According to the organism this fire originated from the strong winds of the cold front 23 and caused the exit of two lines located between Ciudad Victoria and Linares, Nuevo León, this being one of the causes of the blackout.
The document submitted by the CFE notes that the fire occurred at 15:00 on 28 December and that after receiving the report a Tamaulipas PC unit came to the site to attend the accident.
In the end, the letter is signed Emmanuel González Marquez, coordinator of Civil Protection in municipalities.
However, hours after the conference, Tamaulipas’ Civil Protection Holder Pedro Granados uncovered the document, arguing that it was not written by them and that they did not even attend that fire.
«The communiqué (trade) presented by CFE was not originated in PC Tamaulipas (…) we do not know its origin (…) We don’t attend to that fire so we don’t know details about it,» Granados told Political Animal.
Animal Politics sought out the CFE to learn about its position on the subject. At the moment it is still waiting for response.
When questioned on the subject at his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador only said that these are attacks by the conservative opposition and criticized the reforms made during the six-year period of Carlos Salinas to deliver concessions to private companies to start generating electricity.
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The chair focused on the issue of energy privatization and recognized the work done by the CFE.
He criticized the media coverage of the blackout and said they responded to the interests of their owners.
«There is an issue like this blackout and they make a fuss and they assume that it is already the debacle of the Federal Electricity Commission, which they would like, which they crav, for the sector to be handed over to individuals, so it’s basically a business matter,» he said.
«They’re swimming a whole campaign, not just the newspapers but all the articles from the vested interest groups are launched, but we’re going to continue to support the Federal Electricity Commission,» he added.
The representative reiterated that the blackout did not cause major damage and that the service was restored within two hours.
He said the attacks on the CFE are partly due to the opposition not wanting the agency’s director, Manuel Bartlett, for being a person who supports his government.
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