translated from Spanish: Telecommunications: company most affected by service ranking manages to normalize claims and care during the second half of the year

The Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Undertel) and the National Consumer Service (Sernac) released on Wednesday the Ranking of Telecommunications Services, a study that contemplates the behavior of the industry during the First Semester of 2020.
It states that in the first half of this year, 108,787 claims were received, representing an 85% increase over the same period in 2019. Unlike the previous year, fixed service claims surpassed mobile phones this 2020.
The most common claim during the first half of this year was, in the case of fixed services, was the «technical quality and/or service problems» (52% of the total). In the case of mobile services, on the other hand, the most common reason for claim was «customer service and/or information» (39%).
The health crisis during the period and quarantine that led to the implementation of telework and remote education led to an explosive 40% increase in Internet traffic. These high levels of consumption, which are maintained today, caused networks to be over-demanded, resulting in intermittents, outages, or reductions in connection speed.
While one of the companies in question was VTR, the company promptly implemented a series of measures that were implemented during the first half and which managed to significantly reduce the problems of that period.
From an Engineering point of view, the company developed a Contingency Capacity Increase Plan, which included implementing in two months the largest network capacity expansion in its history, with the aim of solving the problems that some of its customers had had when using their internet services.
In the area of Claims, after July 2020, they have been ostensibly declining, with a trend towards normalization and pre-crisis health levels. This is the result of the strengthening of the call center team – which operates 24/7 and the attention via social networks and new remote care platforms that includes WhatsApp, Virtual Branch and VTR App, among others.
In the field of Field Work, the technical team’s staff to meet customer demand was increased by 40%. As of November of this year we have 1,259 mobiles despite having lowered the number of applications on the ground.
The work carried out throughout this year allows to withstand possible increases in traffic consumption, which can be permanently monitored by networks and equipment, to ensure the optimal functioning of its services.

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