translated from Spanish: Walter Montillo and his retirement: “It’s a decision made”

Walter Montillo, a midfielder at the University of Chile, bluntly clarified on Wednesday that the decision on his retirement from activity, at the end of the 2020 National Championship, “is already taken” and has no turning back. The ’10’ of the school cast ratified the determination made on December 3 in order to “not generate false expectations.” It’s a decision made, I always considered myself a person who kept his word and it’s time. I communicated it in time and it happened like this. From the first moment I said it I knew my decision was made and I wasn’t going to change my mind,” he explained at a press conference.” I want to leave with the peace of mind of helping the team and my teammates, we are in a complicated situation, although we had had and we continue to have a little slack in points, we know that we are in a difficult situation, then all I want and hope is to get well, one hundred percent of my posilibades to help the team what I can do in what I can in what touches me” Added. Asked for his absence from the title against Cobresal, in the 2-0 blue defeat in El Salvador, the ‘Squirrel’ explained that “I always try to earn my place, the last match was a technical decision, but I can’t find a concrete explanation for why things aren’t being smooth as before. I did get pains that I didn’t have before.” In addition, pointing to the painful mis mississippi before Gustavo Huerta’s pupils, Montillo said that “every defeat hits me and as these are my last matches, they beat me even more. Every match I don’t win, I know the rematches are getting less and less, but seeking accountable right now is not a good way. We are all responsible.” Finally, the experienced offensive flyer stated that “it is obvious that we are not on the football level that we have to be or capture the whole idea, other than, the results would have been others.”

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