translated from Spanish: The looks Emma Coronel surprised with in 2020

Emma Coronel, 31, knew very well that she must look spectacular, that is why we will show you the best looks of the original girl from Durango who unleashes madness with her publications. From February Emma Coronel began making posts, on Instagram where she was seen with dreamy hairstyles, the first was with what looks like a white dress and with a style hairstyle collected back with which she looked too beautiful, in addition to a makeup too beautiful, because her eyes looked very good, in addition to very extravagant earrings.
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In May the wife of Joaquín Guzmán Loera appeared with a hair in the process of discoloration, in addition to some shadows in brick or chedrón which was looked at as a fantasy princess, while earrings apparently in gold could hardly be seen in the image.

For Emma Coronel’s 31st birthday in July this year, the influencer was also seen with a crown and a black coat worthy of a real queen, and she also wore a red lipstick which stood out very well on the face of the beautiful Emma Coronel who for many is a goddess.

Emma Colonel very pretty with her look/Instagram

Emma Coronel always wants to surprise her fans with her challenging looks, which become a trend overnight, because the Duranguense knows very well what her fans want to see of her in terms of fashion.

Emma Coronel and her luxury makeup/Instagram

«Take off you that the horse the diva the foal the King is a beauty», «I think you are extremely beautiful and I could be in love with you. I can’t help it, only your beauty is enough to attract a man and drive him crazy. You’re really beautiful and unique and I’d love to meet you,» Emma Coronel was written about the make-up changes.

Emma Coronel in her radiant lilac/Antonio Carrillo dress

By the end of this month, Emma Coronel became news again, as she appeared dressed as a bride thanks to the beauty salon Lumaran, who wanted her as a campaign model, leaving everyone mesmerized for her beauty, as she looked too beautiful in her white dress and a perfect hairstyle, if that was not enough the figure of Emma Coronel is of total envy.

Emma Colonel imposing on her birthday/Instagram

But that was not the only photo shoot that made Emma Coronel, because in another publication days later she appeared in a lilac dress with which her fans let her know that this design was perfect to say goodbye to the year, as she looked too luxurious, because it was designed by Benito Santos a great in the world of fashion, who has worked with artists of international size and beauty queens.

Emma Colonel dressed as a very pretty bride/Antonio Carrillo

Emma Coronel is not only a celebrity on Instagram, she is also a celebrity in Tik Tok, where some videos have come to light where the former beauty queen appears singing cumshots, but also appears without makeup something that caused amazement at the time because of how beautiful Emma Coronel looked, in addition she is seen singing a bullfight, where in the middle of the recording appears a painting where her husband Joaquín Guzmán Loera is portrayed.

It should be mentioned that Emma Coronel is a woman who does not like to show much of her private life, because immediately the haters leave with everything, besides Emma Coronel prefers to do good with her fame, proof of that is to publicity small businesses.

Original source in Spanish

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