translated from Spanish: In Nuevo León hospitals have 70% occupancy

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- A difficult situation is the one that is happening in the state of Nuevo León in the health sector due to the great occupation that hospitals are having with patients infected by Covid-19, which is why, some measures are being taken to prevent further increase casesThe Governor of the State, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, better known as «El Bronco» , he said that hospitals reached 70 per cent of their occupancy, thus leaving them to the limit. «We have hospitals on the edge of hospital occupancy.»
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On this day according to the official reports issued by the government of Rodríguez Calderón, the regiomontano state has 1,571 hospitalized patients, a figure that is by the way, is the highest so far and before that, the order was turned to close shops and services on Sundays with the exception of pharmacies and markets of stocks.

He also assured that as long as the hospital occupation does not go down, these turns on the day indicated above will continue with their doors closed. While it is true, there is still availability of beds in some of them, the representative said that there are not enough medical personnel to care for a large number of patients infected by Covid-19, which is why they would have to send the sick home if cases continue to rise, a situation that, by the way, becomes dramatic. 
We have 70% hospital occupation which is the limit for doctors to have the ability to care for all patients.»

On the other hand, Manuel de la O. Cavazos, Secretary of State Health in Nuevo León, made it clear and reaffirmed that non-essential businesses will have to remain closed again all week, as they are attended by a large number of vulnerable people. Some of these turns are: 

Another important fact to mention is that the Secretary of Health, stated that at the moment there are 300 vacancies for health personnel who want to join the hospitals and thus help the fight of this terrible pandemic.

Original source in Spanish

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