translated from Spanish: Morenos de Corazón, in constant dialogue with supporters: Maritere Espinoza

Morelia , Michoacán.- The members of the Morenos de Corazón Committee, Maritere Espinoza, Julio Peguero and Benjamín Mendoza, accompanied by Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, a candidate for the municipal presidency of Morelia, met with supporters of Morena and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, yesterday.
The meeting addressed the problems that health workers are experiencing, with whom they raised the project of the transformation that leads Morena in Michoacán, in the face of the lack of payments by the state government.
“We must continue in line with citizen participation, so that the old practices of politicians are eradicated with the vigilance of the people, which is urgent in Michoacán, our action is simple not to lie, not to steal and not to betray,” Maritere Espinoza stressed.
The Morenos de Corazón Committee emphasized to attendees that Morena is not a brand, but a constant struggle for social justice, to overthrow the regime of corruption, anti-democracy and illegality that prevailed with neoliberalism.
“The 4T in Michoacán is being cemented with solid foundations, with the best profiles, founders who have fought since the beginning of Morena for equality in our state and our country,” Espinoza Tapia concluded.

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