translated from Spanish: Births increase despite Covid-19 pandemic in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- Love has prevailed during the health contingency of Covid-19, as in recent months it has increased the birth of babies and marriages. Roberto Osuna Valdez, official of mazatlan’s 010 civil registry, reported that weddings and births rebounded during confinement.
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Osuna Valdez noted that despite the pandemic the number of marriages has increased to more than 50 percent.

About 6 to 7 daily marriages are recorded. In terms of births, 20 to 25 records have arrived. Read more: They look for students to avoid deserting or repudiating the school year in MazatlanRoberto Osuna commented that there are parents who put the modern but rare names to their children and there are some in which not even the parents themselves know how to write the name. The civil registry officer revealed that names such as Mary and Guadalupe have been found to have been replaced by modern names. In the case of boys they give them names of footballers and girls of artists or influencers. Read more: Neighbors of Shad country demand solution to overflow of black water in MazatlanOsuna Valdez urges parents not to give rare names to their children, as it can lead to school bullying. He noted that until yesterday there were no records of any minor who was registered under the name covid. “Names must be normal or simpler, we are losing identity,” said Roberto Osuna.Data:
Egalitarian marriages: Until yesterday there have been no same-sex marriages. There have only been 2 cases in Mazatlan at egalitarian weddings, but not in their civil registry.

Original source in Spanish

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