translated from Spanish: In unity, we will consolidate Michoacán transformation: Raúl Morón

Uruapan, Mich. – A call for unity to ensure the consolidation of the Fourth Transformation in Michoacán, issued Raúl Morón Orozco, who highlighted the need to close ranks around the project of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in order to maintain a route of development and well-being for the Michoacans.
On a work tour of the municipalities of Uruapan and Paracho, the state coordinator in defense of the Fourth Transformation called on unity around the project led by the president of the Republic, under the intention of stopping the parties that oppose it, and who intend to keep in force a political system away from the needs of the citizenry.
«Only together can we consolidate the project that our president built, because otherwise those who have done so much damage to Michoacán will return, and we cannot allow that,» he stressed, addressing pre-candidos and pre-candidos to members and mayors of the region.
Under these arguments, he called for unity and conciliation points between applicants seeking to represent Morena in the following elections, in order to work for a project focused on the well-being of the most vulnerable sectors.
On his tour of Uruapan y Paracho, the state coordinator of the Fourth Transformation was accompanied by the federal deputy, Celeste Ascencio Ortega, as well as the local deputy Zenaida Salvador Brígido, and the legislator, Antonio de Jesús Madriz Estrada, with whom he agreed to spread a message of unity that allows to transform the social and economic development of Michoacán towards the elections of June 6.

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