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More questions to answer: irregularities in criminal investigation for sexual offence against one of the heirs of the Said Group
A reserved hearing, held last Tuesday in the Fourth Warranty Court, ended a criminal investigation that charged Juan Cristóbal Said, son of Salvador Said, the current head of a major Chilean economic group. The case, which resulted in a rape felony complaint, ultimately ended with the Prosecutor’s Office requesting a conditional stay of proceedings for a misdemeanor, sexual abuse, on the condition or sole requirement that the accused undergo treatment to learn how to “control his impulses”. The irregular investigation to Juan Cristóbal Said in today’s featured note.
Military in public safety, a “road without return”
Faced with the request of some parliamentarians for the Government to declare a State of Siege in the southern macrozone of La Araucanía, defence expert Richard Kouyoumdjian says it is meaningless, as it first involves recognizing that there is no rule of law and that the Government has failed to do so. Kouyoumdjian’s reflections in this interview with El Mostrador.
“Supercycle”: Google’s upward search (and what raw materials have to do with it)
Rumor has it on Wall Street about the proximity of a new raw material supercycle. Its prices go up and up, in the middle of the pandemic. “Financial markets seem to be convinced that we are starting to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, we are on a commodity supercycle. With China at the forefront of global economic recovery, iron, copper and crude oil prices could rise much higher this year,” said DW Edward Moya, senior market analyst at the OANDA group. The sought after “supercycle” in the Market Highlight note.
Metro, forced to transparent the salaries of its major flat
After a “gallito” involving the CPLT and the Supreme Court, the company was forced to transparent the remuneration of all members of its board and executive floor. Higher salaries exceed the gross figure of 15 million to a cap of more than 18 million pesos per month. The union argues that the data call into question the low pay and recent mass layoffs of workers in the middle of the pandemic. Metro directory salaries on this Un edited one.

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