translated from Spanish: Promotes Michoacán Congress free access to menstrual management products

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to ensure the full exercise of the right to education and facilitate access to menstrual management products in public schools, members and members of the LXXIV Legislature approved reforms to the Education Act, as reported in a statement.
The opinion submitted by the Committee on Education, chaired by Mr Antonio Madriz, promoter of the reform initiative, and composed of Tere Mora and Octavio Ocampo, stresses the need for the institutions to take action to provide adequate, impartial, complete and accessible information on menstruation.
It also emphasizes that the gratuitousness of menstrual management products is a real need and opportunity to reduce the gender gap faced by all girls, adolescents and women in our state.
In this regard, fractions XIV, XV are amended and the xvi fraction of Article 29 is added; fraction X of article 53 is amended and fraction VII of article 112 is amended all of the Michoacán State Education Act.
This is to establish that educational authorities should develop, edit and distribute educational material in the various languages of the State territory, to guide and raise awareness among students on the subject of menstruation, in addition to having the basic inputs of hygiene and menstrual health, to avoid school absence, bullying and discrimination.
Thus, from a gender perspective, menstrual education will be encouraged and free access to menstrual management products for girls, women and menstruants who require it will be facilitated in public schools belonging to the State Education System.
Similarly, the contents of the curriculums and programmes should highlight comprehensive and reproductive sex education involving menstrual education, responsible exercise of sexuality, family planning, maternity and responsible parenthood, prevention of adolescent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.
In addition, as part of the educational process, students shall be entitled to scholarships, food, suitable products for menstrual management, such as disposable and cloth sanitary towels, tampons, menstrual cups or any other good intended for menstrual management and other financial supports by prioritizing students facing economic and social conditions that prevent them from exercising their right to education.

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